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Updated: May 5, 2022

The majority of our tours for 2022 are BYOB (bring your own bike)

We recognise there are many reasons to join one of our tours, our groups are made up of individuals with a variety of experience of preparing for and packing for a multi day trip.

What to wear.

For all of our tours and fro my particular riding style I like to have plenty of layers. It's a matter of personal choice but I ride with the following.

Motorcycle boots - strong leather boots that can also be used for hiking in a pinch

Motorcycle armour (dirt bike style)

Longer style riding jacket - medium weight.

Canvas long pants or kevlar riding jeans with built in armour

2 pairs of gloves (riding with wet gloves is no fun)

A helmet that you like wearing - it doesn't need to be a motocross style helmet - but you'll need a full face helmet for sure.


Toolkits are personal to your individual bike in many ways. The essentials should include.

Tire plugs and tools to fix a flat. (having tubeless tires makes this easy)

Tools needed to remove your wheels - often a special hex set is required

A small compressor (the best ones connect directly to the battery terminals)

Wrench set - for metric and very basic socket set

Multi tool

Vice grip

Lengths of electrical wire - also a wire crimping tool

Zip ties

Gorilla Tape


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